Saturday, July 18, 2009


Joe and I will be leaving for Panzram tour on Tuesday. We will be going to these places and playing with the following bands:

July 21st - St. Augustine w/ Tourist Trap & Civilization
July 22nd - North Carolina@Lunchbox Records w/ Relics
July 23rd - Baltimore@Charm City Art Space w/ Republicorpse
July 24th - Either New Brunswick w/Zhenia Golov or Brooklyn w/ Punch...hope to know soon!
July 25th - Manhattan, NY@Abc No Rio w/ Disnihil, 76% Uncertain, CIA, She Rides!
July 26th - Hartford, CT@The Whitney House w/ Relics, Yak Snot, Afflictions
July 27th - Washington D.C. w/Foreign Objects, Commie Pinkos, I Decide, Transgression, Just Die!
July 28th - Tallahassee @Coolifornia House w/ Tonnn, The Catalyst, Words Defy The Plan, Give Up, The Stillmen, High Allmight
July 29th - everybody says "play Gainesville"....BANNED IN GAINESVILLE.
July 30th - Tampa@Unit 19 w/Big Rats, Murder-Suicide Pact...maybe Horrid Cross.

I will have all the Human Crush releases with me, and Nevin and his IFB distro will be with us as well. See some of you on the road!

Demo mp3s are below.