Sunday, June 16, 2013

HCR007 PANZRAM "Judgment Night Soundtrack" cassette


Phew! It's been some time... Here is a rundown of what's been cooking with PANZRAM since the last update:
1. Released a split 7" with SHOPPERS
2. Toured Europe with AUTARKEIA
3. Added Bobby as a bass player

That about sums it. Today we announce our East Coast/Midwest tour for the new tape, Judgment Night Soundtrack.

-June 28th - TALLAHASSEE, FL - @ The OAF House - w/EX-BREATHERS, GROUNDED, more
-June 29th - PENSACOLA, FL - @Sluggo's 101 Jefferson St. 10 p.m.
- July 1 - LEXINGTON, KY - @ Side Car w/SALAD INFLUENCE, one more TBA
-July 4 - CHICAGO, IL - house show w/CRACKED VESSEL, Jim's new band
-July 5 - DETROIT, MI - @ CAID or Madison Appt. w/CLOUD RAT, more TBA
-July 6 - CLEVELAND, OH - @ Now That's Class - HEATS OF FORMATION, GRIN &BEAR IT, more TBA
-July 7 - BUFFALO, NY - @ The Glitterbox - w/ RESIST CONTROL, Josh's new band, more TBA
-July 8 - NEW HAVEN, CT -
-July 9 - WESTERN MASS - @ The Flywheel - w/LONGINGS - 7pm - $7
-July 10 - wed - BOSTON, MA -
-July 11 - thu - BROOKLYN, NY - in the works
-July 12 - fri- WASH DC - @ The Rocket Ship w/ THICK SKIN, GOUGE & THE SNIFFS - 7pm
-July 13 - sat - RALEIGH - in the works
-July 15 - mon - HOME

Updating this following more information to come.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Panzram tour May 2011

Here's the tour schedule thus far - if anyone can help with any gaps we'd be much obliged. Thanks to everyone that's been helping with the booking of the tour. Really looking forward to a lot of these shows and playing with Escalator night after night.

The test presses of the 7" have come in - 50 - and the 10"s are all assembled, pictures to come soon. Look below for sound files.

APRIL 29TH - Gainesville, FL@Wayward
APRIL 30TH - Athens/SC - help?
MAY 1ST - Raleigh, NC@Kings Barcade w/ Shoppers, Shards & Stipmines
MAY 2ND - Lexington, KY@Hammerhead House 230 Kentucky Ave. w/Asadachi & Elsinores
MAY 3RD - Washington DC @Everlasting Life Cafe 2928 Georgia Ave. w/ Spirals
MAY 4TH - Philadelphia@1264 Ringgold St. w/Dopestroke, Biblethumper, Disturbed
MAY 6TH - NYC @Stolen Sleeves 538 Johnson Ave. w/Cervix, Natural Law, Slobs, Syphilitic Lust
MAY 7TH - NYC @The Acheron(57 Waterbury St.)w/Crossed Stitched Eyes, Brain Killer, Lost Tribe, Nomad
MAY 8TH - New Haven, CT@FDZ 74 Dwight St. w/Escalator, Napoleon Complex, Denihilation
MAY 9TH - Boston, MA w/Escalator-something's brewing...
MAY 10TH - Portland, ME@The Aphodian 176 Coyle St. w/Escalator,Grist Mill, Dunno Kiddo, A Primitive & Savage Land
MAY 11TH - Easthampton, MA@Flywheel 43 Main St. w/Escalator & Curmudgeon
MAY 12TH - Recording@Dead Air
MAY 13TH - ?
MAY 14TH - Cincinnati, OH@1202 Main St. w/Escalator@Goetz Alley
MAY 15TH - Grand Rapids, FL@The Thunderdome w/Escalator, Cloud Rat, Nothing But Weeds
MAY 16TH - Chicago, IL @2323 N. Albany w/Escalator, Raw Nerve, Boilerman & South Side Strangler
MAY 17TH - St. Louis, MO w/Escalator, Yeung, Shaved Women@Cranky Yellow 2847 Cherokee St.
MAY 18TH - Nashville, TN w/Escalator @Little Hamilton Collective 1318 Little Hamilton St.
MAY 19TH - Birmingham, AL@God's Butt:1715 11th Place South w/Escalator & Black Hole Kids
MAY 20TH - Tallahassee, FL @ Farside
MAY 21ST - Tampa, FL@Heinrich's

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Panzram REFORM and Single

Long overdue, here we have two brand new Panzram releases in time for tour. The first is the "Reform" 10" released by IFB Records. Seven songs that were recorded at Heinrich's and Unit 19 in Tampa by Carson Cox & Pat Brady.

Side A

Side B

The cover image(above) is all we have available as we are still screen printing these. The jacket is a pretty neat-o design courtesy of the True Daddy Of Rock and Roll, Joe Lachut - kind of a gatefold-envelope sleeve? When the packaging is all done I'll upload some photos. In the meantime, enjoy the sounds, these are the final digital masters, courtesy of Lucky Lacquers. The vinyl does sound much better, however(based on the test presses). These should be all set in time for tour- which will be discussed in a super soon-to-come post here - but the OTHER record will be a different story...

Here is the newest material yet(until we record with Will at Dead Air on May 12th during the tour) from Carl Panzram & the Bungalow Beach-outs. It must be noted somewhere(here) that Carson did a fine job on this recording(same session as the 10") and patiently assisted through several mixes. Two originals and a cover, the A side being a longer jimmy-jam.

A Side: A New Mental Disorder For Youth In Disapproval

B Side 1: Aborted Man

B Side 2: Fall(Psychedelic Furs)

Again, these are the masters by Lucky. Chris Donaldson(Drugged Conscience) is helping us with this one, to the point that he's enlisting 50 test presses to ship in time for tour. The packaging will be a screenprinted envelope sleeve with the Snazzy-by-Lachut design above. Again, once all is assembled, I'll provide photo documentation. We're racing against time with this one, tour kicks off April 29th and we're hoping to have the 50 test presses in time. Packaging for the tests will be the same, just no label design on the records as is custom with the test-press. We'll be scribbling and stamping on them instead. Thanks be to Chris for rushing this and Lucky for mastering the tracks in a hurry. So, this will be with us in time for tour in the form of test presses. The reg'lur record will come some time later.

A small run of tapes with the above material will be pressed by Sacred Tapes in time for the tour also. Thanks to Chris Sommer for that! Next update will be a tour rundown/plea for mercy and assistance.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Finally, another small Panzram release. Below is the complete download of the tape, and here, a photo demonstration of the packaging. Joe screenprinted the cases, tapes and booklets and they look quite nice. Our friend Luc recorded this in Joe's sound bunker in the clutches of North Fort Myers a month or so ago. This tape basically was created to demo some of the songs which we're planning to release on a 10" with IFB records...sooner rather than later.

What we have here is four new songs, some odd pauses and a cover to cap it off. Enjoy.


1. Bad Teeth
2. The Lie
3. Two Men
4. King of Clods
5. Fall(Psychedelic Furs)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stock Update

Just an update on the availability of releases and trades:

HCR006 DIVISIONS "Fin" Cassette is completely gone.

HCR005 DIVISIONS s/t 7" EP: 18 copies

HCR004: PANZRAM Demo Casette: 25 copies

HCR003: WE NEED TO TALK "It's Not Us, It's You": 91 copies

HCR002: BUCKSHOT FACELIFT "Demo" 7" EP: 5 copies

HCR001: DVD-R Bootleg is completely gone.

Trades: Slave Scene/MLU Live Tape: 2 copies

Eating Machine 7" EP: 5 copies

Any available items are 5 bucks ppd:

In other news, PANZRAM will be recording for a few different releases soon, one being a 10" that may be at least partially released on Pickle's IFB Records -

A few exciting releases have been put on hold or postponed, but in their place...we will update as things come together.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Change Of Pace

I listen to quite a bit of post-punk, probably as much as hardcore. "Post-punk" can be interpreted broadly, the kind I'm usually into most is on the darker side; the kind that took direction from Joy Division liberally. What a lot of the bands I like have in common is that dark as they may seem, the songs they've written are still ultimately pop songs. Below are a few selections...

Children's Hour, from New Zealand, wrote an EP which was released in 1983 that contained the following song, "Go Slow." The lyric about someone mentioned in the song being a "member of the Ku Klux Klan" drew racist skins to their shows for a time, even though the band were not nationalist/fascist whatsoever. The band reformed much later and are now currently writing and recording.

Children's Hour - Go Slow

The Sound, from London, survived from 1979 to 1988. In the time between, they were helped by their friends, Echo and the Bunnymen to get a 3 album contract with a Warner subsidiary, Korova. Their first two albums were well received critically but did not bring in the big dollars for Warner; the band were pressured to have their third record sound more commercial. The band rebelled and went further in their own direction with their last major label album, "All Fall Down." This is probably their best record and the song below, "Red Paint", is a track from the album. Afterward, the band signed with an indie and went on to record a few EPs and another album but the band was finished after singer Adrian Borland began acting oddly and ultimately suffered a total nervous breakdown. Eleven years later he killed himself when by hurling himself in front of a train at Wimbledon.

The Sound - Red Paint

The Chameleons, from Manchester, released three albums on Statik records before disbanding after their manager's death in 1987(They released an EP, the title of which is a dedication to him; "Tony Wilson Walked On Water"). Their first record leans more on the dark, post-punk side, while their later albums veer more towards dream pop. The song below is from their first album, "Script Of The Bridge."

The Chameleons - Less Than Human