Monday, April 25, 2011

Panzram tour May 2011

Here's the tour schedule thus far - if anyone can help with any gaps we'd be much obliged. Thanks to everyone that's been helping with the booking of the tour. Really looking forward to a lot of these shows and playing with Escalator night after night.

The test presses of the 7" have come in - 50 - and the 10"s are all assembled, pictures to come soon. Look below for sound files.

APRIL 29TH - Gainesville, FL@Wayward
APRIL 30TH - Athens/SC - help?
MAY 1ST - Raleigh, NC@Kings Barcade w/ Shoppers, Shards & Stipmines
MAY 2ND - Lexington, KY@Hammerhead House 230 Kentucky Ave. w/Asadachi & Elsinores
MAY 3RD - Washington DC @Everlasting Life Cafe 2928 Georgia Ave. w/ Spirals
MAY 4TH - Philadelphia@1264 Ringgold St. w/Dopestroke, Biblethumper, Disturbed
MAY 6TH - NYC @Stolen Sleeves 538 Johnson Ave. w/Cervix, Natural Law, Slobs, Syphilitic Lust
MAY 7TH - NYC @The Acheron(57 Waterbury St.)w/Crossed Stitched Eyes, Brain Killer, Lost Tribe, Nomad
MAY 8TH - New Haven, CT@FDZ 74 Dwight St. w/Escalator, Napoleon Complex, Denihilation
MAY 9TH - Boston, MA w/Escalator-something's brewing...
MAY 10TH - Portland, ME@The Aphodian 176 Coyle St. w/Escalator,Grist Mill, Dunno Kiddo, A Primitive & Savage Land
MAY 11TH - Easthampton, MA@Flywheel 43 Main St. w/Escalator & Curmudgeon
MAY 12TH - Recording@Dead Air
MAY 13TH - ?
MAY 14TH - Cincinnati, OH@1202 Main St. w/Escalator@Goetz Alley
MAY 15TH - Grand Rapids, FL@The Thunderdome w/Escalator, Cloud Rat, Nothing But Weeds
MAY 16TH - Chicago, IL @2323 N. Albany w/Escalator, Raw Nerve, Boilerman & South Side Strangler
MAY 17TH - St. Louis, MO w/Escalator, Yeung, Shaved Women@Cranky Yellow 2847 Cherokee St.
MAY 18TH - Nashville, TN w/Escalator @Little Hamilton Collective 1318 Little Hamilton St.
MAY 19TH - Birmingham, AL@God's Butt:1715 11th Place South w/Escalator & Black Hole Kids
MAY 20TH - Tallahassee, FL @ Farside
MAY 21ST - Tampa, FL@Heinrich's

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