Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Divisions 7" Mp3's

These are two mp3s from the 7", I've deleted the Demo mp3s because this is a better representation of the record. "Vomit Hounds" and "Blinding Rain" are the first songs on the A and B side of the record and are some of the most pissed off, heavy hardcore songs I've ever heard. Justin's vocals sound fucking poisoned and furious. This EP is available from me for $5 ppd, paypal me at or mail cash, check or MO to me: John Fahy/Human Crush 15011 Lakeside View Dr. Apt. 2402/ Fort Myers/ FL 33919.

I'm really proud of this record. - "Vomit Hounds" - "Blinding Rain"


TSO said...

i'm gonna be sending you some money for one of these and a few YDWC#2 ...

i'd also like to talk to you sometime about co-releasing YDWC#3, if you're interested :)

Geeheeb said...

This 7" is so great John, I'm glad I got two!

- Positive Kevin

D'Unx said...

These songs sound really good! I didn't realize they even had any records/tapes at TIFY. Might be doing a CT show for them.

- Brian (new ripshit dude)


i love this 7", so fucking aggressive and heavy. i hardly had any money last TIFY. This is the only 7" i picked up. worth it.
i was also wondering if you had or knew a way of getting a hold of some of their tapes if there are still any left? i know they used to have them everytime they played. and those dudes are hard to get a hold of.

-Miami Juan

human crush said...

Juan - which tape? There is a brand new one that I will have very soon, and there's also a tape that Chris(who lives in Miami)should be repressing. His contact is Let me know if you want the other tape.


great. thanks for getting back at me.
i actually dont live in miami anymore but i may be down there soon and will try to pick up one from chris if not i'll contact you.
question, is the tape being repressed the demo tape?
and also whats on the new tape?

thanks again