Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Life's Blood - live

This is Life's Blood's contribution to the 1988 New Breed cassette compilation; two live tracks from CBGB's in 1988. The band has no other recording that captures them as raw and vicious as they are here; the songs are played with a speed and volatility not seen on anything else in their discography. Speaking of which, Prank Records is supposed to be releasing the Life's Blood collection, hopefully before 2010. I hope also that these recordings make it onto the discography, perhaps even more from this performance if we're lucky. Aside from these tracks, the New Breed compilation countless other treasures; Raw Deal demo tracks(pre-Killing Time), Uppercut's take on straight edge, "Am I Clear?", Live and demo tracks from Beyond, Breakdown, Outburst and Absolution and a lot more miscellany. This comp really needs to be re-released - if it's not superior, it's at least equal in quality and impact as the "Where The Wild Things Are" New York Hardcore compiliation. On the miscellaneous side, there's another vicious track on the comp that I'll include, also sung by Life Blood's Jason O'Toole: Collapse's "Failure". This band to my knowledge only released one EP, but you can see the vicious vocal style O'Toole had developed in the Life's Blood live recordings stayed on for these sessions.

This is what I think of when I think of classic hardcore.

Life's Blood - "Maximum Security" - live

Life's Blood - "Youth Enrage" - live

Collapse - "Failure"


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