Thursday, June 4, 2009

Divisions "Fin" Cassette - HCR006

Below are two tracks from Divisions' final recorded material, a cassette entitled "Fin". The band and I split released the 5 song pro-cassette, which comes with a sticker, button, silk-screened covers, and a bullet. The bands' sound was becoming more textured, songs were lengthened, but the raw power of this band never wavered from start to finish.

Tapes can be gotten from me at or John Fahy/15011 lakeside view drive/ apt. 2402/ Fort Myers/ FL/33919. Paypal, cash, check, whatever.

I saw an early incarnation of Divisions, when they had an additional member and were called Fratricide for the first time at a show in Tampa, (I think Merkit may have played as well) and it was also the first time I saw Cult Ritual. This show made me realize that both Tampa bands, even at their earliest, were trying to push things as far as they could. Cult Ritual still is, and Divisions did throughout the course of their tenure. All of the Divisions kids will make music in other bands, but Divisions will be missed. They did something original and unique; they took some of the trappings and sounds of black, death and thrash metal and fused them with raging, heavy hardcore. They never forgot that heavy metal was at it's most potent when it was... you know, heavy. Their artwork was great, the lyrics were scathing, and the live performance was devastating. Their last show was played against the wishes of Tampa's police, but the door was locked and the set was played in its' entirety and it was fucking excellent, the perfect way to go out.

The sound on this recording is much different than the 7" EP, much less clean. The cassette has four originals and ends with a Bathory cover. The two originals below are my personal favorites.

Song 1

Song 4

Remember this band.

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