Thursday, June 4, 2009

Panzram Demo Cassette - HCR004

Joe Lachut and I have been playing music since a little before Merkit got started up and I always felt like we both knew what each other wanted a song to become when writing. As Merkit's slowed down in recent times we decided to start another full-time band with just the two of us, called Panzram. We both had the same idea of what we wanted the band to sound like; noisy, heavy, off-kilter and with personal lyrics about genuine experiences and ideas that are ugly by nature.
Early on in the band, maybe even before we played a show, while recording the Merkit split with Resurrectionists(coming out very soon on IFB Records -, Joe and I recorded a single Panzram song for Chris "Heavy D" Donaldson's tape compilation that should be out soon too.
After playing some shows and writing a bit more we put together enough for a demo and went to Lady Godiva's Operation to record with our friend Carson from Divisions. We sent the recording off to National Audio Company to have them pressed professionally with grey shells and artwork on both sides. The covers will be silkscreened, with a photocopied booklet attached to the J card. Tapes are available for 5 bucks postage paid at the usual contact... Send cash, check, paypal etc. to: John Fahy/ 15011 Lakeside View Dr. / Apt. 2402/ Fort Myers/ FL/33919 or The tapes will be available in a few days.

We felt like Panzram was an apt name, after the infamous murderer and criminal from the early 20th century, which Joe and I had begun reading about constantly. Carl Panzram 31614 is not considered a serial killer or a mass murderer - he didn't kill for sport or because of a sudden outburst of anger. His hatred for humans spread throughout the course of his life, and he simply killed anyone who crossed him. He was executed after committing his life's events to paper in one of the most honest, disturbing autobiographies ever written. Carl Panzram created havoc in retaliation for the torture the prison system put him throughout his life and when he was freed he saw fit to wreak upon life as it had wrought on him. At the end of his life he admitted the ugliness of his nature but set out to prove that all humans were as evil as him at their core, and that the planet would be better off without mankind - especially himself. Proving himself right became much more important than his own life and he sought the satisfaction of making his point known until his last days. His sanity and intelligence were unquestionable; he simply committed crimes because he did not see them as wrong, he saw them as just. He tricked the legal system in Kansas into making his execution - to hang until dead - irreversible to guarantee his own death after proving to legal and medical authorities that he was not in any way insane or mentally ill. He ran to the noose on the day of his execution, stopping only to glare at the media that had gathered to watch his death. After spitting at both left and right viewing galleries, he bounded up the steps to the hangman. Asked his last words as the executioner fumbled with the rope, he said, "Hurry it up, you Hoosier bastard. I could hang a dozen men while you're screwing around."

Below the whole demo is linked in mp3 files, I had them up as wav files before and it was a pain in the ass.

A side:

1. Needy Divas

2. Hidden Knives

3. Blockhead

4. ...Life Deals Another Hand

5. Exposed

6. Tunnel Vision

B side: Untitled

We will be touring this summer, it may be just in the southeast, possibly up the whole east coast.

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thiob said...

Awesome! Thanks a lot!

Yet, the cover is missing. How does it look like?