Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stock Update

Just an update on the availability of releases and trades:

HCR006 DIVISIONS "Fin" Cassette is completely gone.

HCR005 DIVISIONS s/t 7" EP: 18 copies

HCR004: PANZRAM Demo Casette: 25 copies

HCR003: WE NEED TO TALK "It's Not Us, It's You": 91 copies

HCR002: BUCKSHOT FACELIFT "Demo" 7" EP: 5 copies

HCR001: DVD-R Bootleg is completely gone.

Trades: Slave Scene/MLU Live Tape: 2 copies

Eating Machine 7" EP: 5 copies

Any available items are 5 bucks ppd:

In other news, PANZRAM will be recording for a few different releases soon, one being a 10" that may be at least partially released on Pickle's IFB Records -

A few exciting releases have been put on hold or postponed, but in their place...we will update as things come together.



anthony said...

just sent you an e-mail. hopefully i am not too late.

G O D said...

hey man,i too am,or was, from the ft myers area from 78-97,was in a hundred different bands,you can find most of my stuff at ,cool old bands from ft. myers and beyond,tons of rare shit!

Harris said...

probably way late, but...any divisions 7"s left?