Sunday, October 24, 2010


Finally, another small Panzram release. Below is the complete download of the tape, and here, a photo demonstration of the packaging. Joe screenprinted the cases, tapes and booklets and they look quite nice. Our friend Luc recorded this in Joe's sound bunker in the clutches of North Fort Myers a month or so ago. This tape basically was created to demo some of the songs which we're planning to release on a 10" with IFB records...sooner rather than later.

What we have here is four new songs, some odd pauses and a cover to cap it off. Enjoy.


1. Bad Teeth
2. The Lie
3. Two Men
4. King of Clods
5. Fall(Psychedelic Furs)

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geeheeb said...

Please don't wait almost a year between updates!